There are recipes for DIY projects for any household item you can think of, from Cleaners to Personal Care.  Visit the doTERRA BLOG for inspiration!

  salve is one of my favorite diy projects.  you just need the carrier oil(s) of your choice, beeswax to make it thicker, and essential Oils of your choice, depending on the therapeutic effect you desire.  Example:  to support breathing, you may want to add eucalyptus or breathe blend.  To support softer skin, you may choose frankincense, lavender, or many others.  View the full recipe here on the doTERRRA Blog:  Salve Recipe.     

  FACIAL CLEANSER  is a favorite of mine.  this recipe seems to work very well on my sensitive skin.   The main ingredient is water.  I fill the dispenser about 3/4 with water. Then add a little squirt (maybe 1-2 tablespoons each) of castile soap, Vegetable glycerin, and which hazel extract.  I only add about 2-3 drops of essential oil, Melaleuca is my first choice.  Cedar wood is also great to support healthy skin.  I fill the small bottle for travel size.  To use, just a couple of drops is all you need, even the little bottle would probably last me for at least 2 months.  

doterra has a great line of spa and body care products, but sometimes it is fun to maKe your own....

  Salt or sugar scrub is so easy to make.  you need salt or sugar of your choice, and a carrier oil of your choice.   I add the oil and stir until it is a desired consistency.  Then add 5=10 drops of essential oil, or as desired.  I used a mix of Himalayan sea salt and dead sea salt in the above photo.  I like using fractionated coconut oil because it is colorless and scentless.  View a full recipe for sugar scrub here on the doTERRRA Blog:  SUGAR SCRUB RECIPE.